“I don’t need email backup, because I use a cloud service like Office 365, G Suite or Open-Xchange.”

Sadly, that’s the number one myth we hear all the time, and it absolutely is a myth. Although these and related cloud-based systems do provide some limited ability to partially backup email data, they do not provide nearly what’s needed to properly protect email data and your business. And none of the major cloud ecosystems offers a backup-as-a-service.

To protect their valuable business communications, smart organizations subscribe to SaaS email backup and archiving solutions such as those offered by Dropsuite.

Quick tips for properly protecting your email data:

  • Set up frequent automatic data backups

  • Backup emails, files, attachments etc.

  • Use a cloud-based, 3rd party location

  • Test quickly searching for and accessing your data on demand

  • Restore lost email files, download your data, or migrate as needed

Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Backup

Included with Email Backup, Microsoft 365 Backup is a simple and powerful solution that automatically protects your most important M365 data in the cloud and restores any file on demand, including; Sharepoint, OneDrive, Exchange, and Groups & Teams​​

Key Features

  • Restore email mailbox, folder and message

  • Restore calendar events, contacts and tasks

  • Backup files, conversations and notebooks

  • Download drive, folders and files

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eDiscovery Solution

Dropsuite’s advanced eDiscovery solution is built to provide discovery and access for business critical data in an electronic form for litigation or other legal compliance reasons. Administrators can easily grant various role-based access, granting 3rd party access fast and easy.

“Email Archiving by Dropsuite has completely transformed our compliance support – satisfying legal motions is now a breeze.”

Ransomware Protection

Dropsuite’s backup solution provides the means of ensuring business email and related digital assets are fully protected from a ransomware attack. We automatically backup email up to three times a day, secured by military-grade encryption and stored separate from a business’s regular email systems. In the event of a cyberattack, emails can be restored quickly with our 1-Click feature, reducing potential business downtime.

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Apart from health risks, the primary questions on most people’s minds related to the economic impacts of COVID-19, and the effects that a prolonged lockdown would have on day-to-day productivity. In the early months of 2020, businesses everywhere began a massive transition to how or where work gets done and the technologies that help remote employees stay productive and collaborative.

Towards the beginning of the crisis, Dropsuite commissioned a survey through Osterman Research to see how businesses and industries responded to the shifting work environment, from both a workforce and technology perspective.


Months later, we want to examine if those initial trends from Osterman Research’s survey continue to hold true, how they have changed, and what we’ve learned along the way.


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