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Get Actionable Insight

We can monitor the activity in your Office 365 environment by not only knowing when services are not available or degraded, but you can also monitor and audit behavioural actions in the cloud. We analyse all of the actions in your cloud including the permissions and settings for all users, files, emails, and much more.


We will notify you when there are any irregularities in your environment, giving you peace of mind. 

Example Insights:

  • Office 365 User’s Password Expiration and Strength Settings

  • All Mailboxes that are Forwarded

  • All Mailboxes that are Forwarded Outside of your Organisation

  • Mailboxes with Users that have Full Access

  • Mailboxes with legal hold status

  • Mailboxes with their last logon date

  • Office 365 Activity Audit Log



Measure your Return on Investment and User Engagement

A wealth of information is available to report on in Office 365. Having access to this information is critical for the success and the return on investment that you have made.

Some of the information available to you:

  • Email activity

  • Mailbox usage

  • Office activations

  • Active Users

  • Office 365 groups

  • OneDrive for Business user activity

  • OneDrive for Business usage

  • SharePoint site usage

  • SharePoint activity

  • Microsoft Teams user activity

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Making Sure Your Environment is Optimised

Ensuring your Office 365 environment stays working and your users don't experience any service issues is critically important. Unfortunately a "Deploy and Forget" approach will not be an effective strategy a few months after going live. 


We help you by managing the following areas:  

  • DirSync/AD Sync Support

  • Federation Troubleshooting

  • Service Status Monitoring

  • User Sync Issues

  • Service Threshold Alerting

  • Message Retention Management

  • Monthly/Weekly Reporting

  • SLA Response

  • Mail Flow Monitoring

  • Subscription Administration

  • User Profile Management

  • Hybrid Environment Support

  • Site Access Provisioning