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Get Actionable Insight

Monitoring and management of your Azure environment to provide optimal level of speed and reliability.



  • Quarterly rightsizing reviews

  • Annual technology roadmap reviews

  • Access to Cloud Direct ARM templates

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Unlimited incident management and support

  • Managed backup

  • OS updates, upgrades and patches



Making Sure You Can Respond To Changes In Your Environment

Scale-up your Azure environment in a safe and controlled way. Your Azure environment is managed to protect against threats and keep your machines, data and applications secure.



  • Continuous security monitoring

  • Rapid threat detection and remediation

  • Annual security reviews

  • Security breach recovery

  • Antivirus and malware protection

  • Azure Lighthouse for user access, change management and policies best practice

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Making Sure Your Environment Is Optimised For Maximum Cost Benefit

Leverage Microsoft best practice tools and processes to proactively control Azure expenditure.



  • Optimise your Azure expenditure to increase value-for-money. Avoid surprise bills and free up cash to innovate further in Azure.

  • Quarterly cost optimisation reviews

  • Workload reduction reviews

  • Licence optimisation reviews

  • Assessing opportunities from reserved instances and hybrid benefits

  • Cost monitoring